A Clerk’s Office That Works for You



“I believe that it’s the Clerk’s job to work for all citizens in Oakland County. I will never stop fighting to preserve people’s basic rights, making sure elections are conducted fairly, and protecting citizens and taxpayer dollars.” –– Lisa

Lisa Brown has been proud to serve as Oakland County Clerk and Register of Deeds since 2013. As your Clerk, Lisa has:

  • Increased efficiency and eliminated a nine-week backlog that she inherited at the Register of Deeds office, making it easier for people to buy and sell homes.
  • Protected Oakland County homeowners from fraud through improved technology. Lisa added the Super Index, a free searchable database of land records in Oakland County, and Property Records Notification (PRN),the first of its kind alert system that allows users to sign up to receive a free email when a document has been recorded in the Oakland County Register of Deeds office with their name, address, parcel identification number, or whatever search term they choose.
  • Fought for marriage equality so citizens could exercise their basic right to marry the person they love. Lisa was one of only four county clerks in the state who opened their office on Saturday, March 22, 2014 so that same-sex couples could get married during a one-day window. Lisa officiated over 80 marriages that day. Lisa also testified in federal court in the support of a same sex couple in their challenge to Michigan's definition of marriage.
  • Held voter registration drives across the county, including high schools, homeless shelters, community centers and colleges to ensure every citizen has access to the ballot to exercise their right to vote.
  • Introduced and championed for a policy to allow people facing extreme hardship who receive services from a designated social service agency have their fee for vital records be reduced or waived. 
  • Pushed to eliminate the fee for the Oakland County Veteran ID card, because Lisa believes in honoring and thanking those who have served our country.